Thursday, April 20, 2006


Blogging - AdSense for Beginners

Those of you who have been reading my site (and that’s all of you, right?) will know that my mom has just started blogging. I’m so proud of her. You can see her blog at, and most importantly you can see how she’s optimized her ads.

That’s a great case study for anyone wondering where to put their ads on their blog. They’re beautifully optimized and they’re already bringing in money.

Now, my mom has never been much of a tech-head. She’s only now thinking of buying a laptop. But what’s impressed me is how fast she got up and earning with a blog.

I think that sometimes those of us who have been building sites and uploading content for years forget how frightening dealing with servers and finding domains can be for newbies.

Blogging is the ultimate solution. You can have your own blog in minutes and plugging in the ads is an absolute breeze. Heck, Blogger practically throw the ads at you.

The only possible concern with blogs is how you can get the maximum income from them. Once you’ve got the ads blended and positioned, all that’s left to do is play with is content. You’ve really got two choices here. You can either keep writing about the things that interest you and hope that those topics are interesting enough to interest lots of other people. Or you can focus your writing on products to bring up targeted ads with expensive keywords.

I think that the best strategy is to do both at the same time.

The reason that people read blogs is that they feel they have a relationship with the person behind the page. They like them. They trust them. And they’re interested in what they have to say. Create a blog that’s focused solely on bringing up high-earning ads, and you’ll get those ads. But you won’t have anyone to click on them.

Create a blog that interests you — and others — and use it to mention topics that are going to bring up good ads and you’ll get the best of both worlds. Again, my mom’s blog is a great example of this. When she writes about her travels, she creates some great stories that are really fun to read. But she also might mention the equipment she uses when she’s hiking down a mountain or skiing down a slope. That provides good information for her readers and good ads that pay for her blog.

Know which products you can work into your blog?

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